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About Us

What are we?

We are a free networking App for entry level and advance culinarians: from students just beginning to the seasoned professional from cook to baker. Build and develop relationships that will help you grow and develop as a chef.

Network with others

Using our interactive resume system to network and share, recipes and photos with other culinarians who are looking to build a job into a career.

Showcase your skills

As you build and maintain your resume it will give us the opportunity to help you find the best kitchens for you to showcase your skills to chefs, restaurant managers and hiring managers who are looking to fill positions within your area.

Get recruited

Whether you are unemployed and looking or currently working, your resume will give you opportunities to be recruited and get paid for the skills you have worked so hard to master.

Simply said, it does not matter where you are cooking.
Fast food to casual and fine dining, we will work with you to help you find the best paying opportunity for the skills you have.

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What we offer you

Hiring and finding quality cooks and chefs is, at best difficult, whether you are using Craig’s list, newspaper, Job fairs or even “Help Wanted” signage in the window of your restaurant.

The quality of the applicants is at best average and the good ones are few and far between. Even if you pay big dollars for the average web base systems that carry postings for every job imaginable, you still have to search through the labyrinth or new and old resumes.

Our Nytche is Culinary

Through our unique interactive resume system, we are creating the ultimate database for restaurant owners, chefs and hiring managers to have the ability to have one dedicated source to fill open culinary positions with skilled professional within their kitchens.

Through a proprietary process each resume is categorized by skills and experience for an easy search system.

  • Pastry and baking
  • Production cooks
  • Sauté, fry, Grill, cooks
  • Saucier
  • Prep cooks
  • Quick service
  • Casual or upscale
  • Banquets
  • Production

True Recruiting

Our search system has an innovative exclusive level where you will have the ability to do what we call “True Recruiting”. This advance access gives you the ability to search and reach out to established cooks and chefs who are currently working, giving you the opportunity to truly recruit the best of the best.

These are the cooks and chefs who are rarely looking for a new position and now you will have the opportunity to entice them into a better career with you.

One of a kind Chef Mentoring Program

As we grow we will be building a network of working chefs across the country to be mentors to our culinarians and cooks as a source of inspiration, knowledge and support.

Our mentors, through an interactive blogging system, will give you the opportunity to learn and become better cooks as you grow your career.

Personal Skill Training

Our professional training managers will share their knowledge and skills in well developed “Quick Fire” training opportunities that you can use to improve your interpersonal skills. Mastering these skills will give you additional tools to use as your grow and develop your craft.

Quick Fires that will help you improve:

  • Improve your interviewing skills
  • Better resume writing
  • Best practice for asking for a raise
  • Communication skills

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